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We have been breeding poultry for many years now and have a steady and happy customer base, in recent years with the demand for sexed, vaccinated chicks I started to bring them in from the US. All birds are from either from Ideal or McMurray Hatcheries, all chicks are from NPIP ( approved farms.  95 - 98% accuracy on the vent sexing. 

We would be pleased to have you as part of our family too.
We are a family based business, situated in Maple Ridge,BC.

Marlene 604-463-5316

 December 7th,  last shipment of this year.    First shipment of 2019 starts in February.

BREED               PLUMMAGE        COMB      RATE OF LAY           EGG COLOR            oz per egg

Rhode Island Reds      very dark red             single                  excellent             medium brown   25 - 26  

Black Australorps    black with greenish sheen   single             excellent             medium brown   25-26

Barred Rocks        black with white barring     single               excellent            medium brown    26-27

Ameracaunas   multi colored, white, brown, red& black            excellent      light green & blue     25-26

aka Easter eggers, also have dark shanks, muffs and beards,  rose combs, cold hardy

Production reds    various shades of red                  single         excellent       medium brown        26-27

aka cherry eggers

Black sex links     black with gold hackle & breast   single         excellent       medium brown       26-27

Gold sex links     Light red with white tails & wings  single      excellent       medium brown       26-27

Red sex links      Dark red with black tails & wings  single        excellent       medium brown       26-27

Rose combed leghorns   multi shades of brown         rose          excellent         white                   26-27 

White leghorns    White                                         single        excellent          white                  26 - 30

Dominiques       Black and White barring                 rose         excellent        medium brown     26-27

Silver laced Wyandottes  White trimmed with black    rose     very good     medium brown       24-25

Cuckoo Marans   Irregular dark and light bars          single      very good    very dark brown     24-25

Welsummers    Golden & reddish brown                  single      very good      dark brown           24-25

Barnevelders    Reddish/brown black laced               single      very good      dark brown           24-25

Buff Rocks        Rich golden buff                             single       good             medium brown     24-25

Buff Orpingtons  Rich golden buff                           rose          good            medium brown     24-25

Golden Laced Wyandottes  gold feathers trimmed in black, rose comb, good  medium brown   24-25

Brahmas      assorted colors, feathered feet  , rose comb            good            medium brown      24-25

Spangled Russian orloffs  mahogany with spangles,muffs          good            medium brown       24-25


VERY DARK BROWN EGG LAYERS;cuckoo marans, welsummers, barnevelders

BROWN EGG LAYERS....Rhode island reds, Black australorps, silver laced wyandottes, 

golden laced wyandottes, barred rocks, dominiques, speckled sussex, chanteclers, Iowa blues, 

buckeyes, russian orloffs, new hampshire reds, white rocks, buff rocks, buff orpingtons,

mottled javas, naked necks, light brahmas, buff brahmas, partridge brahmas, dark brahmas.


WHITE EGG LAYERS.....leghorns (white, red, californian, pearl white, rose combed browns) anaconas, silver spangled spitzhaubens, sicilian buttercups, gold or silver campines, lakenvelders, hambergs, Buff Minorcas, Black Minorcas and many other rare breeds.  please contact with your request.