BREED                              PLUMAGE                    EGG COLOR  EGG WEIGHT   Hen Weight    RATE OF LAY

Production Reds (cherry eggers) Shades of reds  Brown              26 -27   oz            5.0    lbs          Excellent

highest producing, most efficient brown egg layer that was originally developed from the Rhode Island reds and crossed with New Hampshire reds.

Barred Plymouth rocks    Black with white barring    Brown       26 -27 oz                6.0 lbs            Excellent

A great dual purpose bird, a very reliable layer

Black sex links                  Black with gold hackles      Brown         26-27 oz               5.5 lbs              Excellent

A cross between the Rhode Island Red  with the barred rocks  for excellent lay and longevity.

Brown Sex links                Brown                                    Brown          26 - 27 oz            5.2 lbs               Excellent

a crossing with the Rhode Island reds with the white Plymouth rocks to produce hens that will produce excellent lay and longevity.

Gold Sex links                  Light gold                                Brown            26 -27 oz           5.2 lbs              Excellent

a cross with the Rhode island Reds and Rhode Island Whites

Red Sex links                    Dark reds                                 Brown           26-27 oz              5.2 lbs             Excellent

The cross of Rhode Island Reds and Delawares to produce the best of both these breeds.

White leghorns;          White plummage, large red combs  White eggs   26 -27 oz      5.5 lbs         Excellent

Buff Orpingtons          Rich Golden Buff Feathers          Brown               25 -26 oz        6.0 lbs       Good

these big golden gals are family farm favorites, quiet and calm and great setters.

Rhode Island Reds       Very Dark Red Feathers            Brown              25 -26 oz         5.5               Excellent

A very well known breed and a dual purpose favorite.

New Hampshire Reds    Chestnut red with black tips on the tail feathers   large brown eggs    Excellent rate of lay

Silver Laced Wyandottes  Silvery white feathers edged in black        Large brown eggs             Very good

A very beautiful old breed with close fitting rose combs, very handy in cold weather areas as their combs do not normally freeze and they just keep on laying....

White Plymouth rocks    White, full bodied birds       Large brown eggs                    Very good rate of lay

A medium sized hen quiet dispositioned, dual purpose bird for both meat and egg production.  great for cross breeding.

 Black Australorps     Black feathers with a greenish sheen in the sunshine  Large brown eggs  Excellent rate of lay

These large hens lay especially well year round.  They are quiet and are quite hardy, one of the best back yard breeds.

 Anconas        Black feathers some tipped with white    Large WHITE eggs       Great rate of lay

excellent show birds, renowned for their foraging ability and superior feed to egg ratio.

Production Blacks  Black feathers, sometimes red hackles   Large Brown eggs             Excellent rate of lay

Danish Brown Leghorns   Multi shades of brown feathers   Large Brown eggs         Excellent rate of lay

Very colorful, cold hardy smaller hen, excellent forager, agile and alert.  A great free ranger.

Blue Andalusians    around 50% Blue laced feathers, the other chicks will be black or white. The Blue laced color does not breed true.  A mating of blue x blue produces three colors, black, blue and splash (white with blue cast)

A very reliable layer of large white eggs, even through the winter

Black Minorcas       Black with a greenish sheen in the sunshine        Large white eggs           Very good rate of lay

Buff Minorcas    Rich golden feathers   Both Black and buff minorcas have white skin, shanks and toes pinkish white

smaller hen, only 4.5 lbs, very active, great foragers, alert and typically non setters.

Dominiques  Black and white barring very similar to the barred rocks but with a close fitting rose comb with a point at the base.   A great choice for your winter flock                                        Large brown eggs              Very good rate of lay

Buff Rocks    Rich golden feathers   6 lb hens  layers of   Large brown eggs, typically non setters    great rate of lay

Delawares     White feathers splashed with black on hackles and tail          Large brown eggs         Very good rate of lay

Naked Necks (aka Turkens)  multi colored, from buff, brown, partridge, red and black plumage  No feathers on the neck and half the feathers as regular chickens.  Don't let that put you off though, they are excellent layers of large brown tinted eggs, even in the winter time.  Very calm, inquisitive 

Dark Cornish   (Indian game)Dark brown to black feathers,   Medium brown eggs   good rate of lay

a heavier hen around 6.5 lbs with a wide breast of firm meat.

Light Brahma   White feathers with black tail and hackles    Medium brown eggs    good rate of lay

  these stately hens are tall and calm.  Rose combs combined with the feathered feet make these hens great winter layers.

AMERACAUNAS    Multi colored; White, splash, partridge, black, red plummage   muffs that grow larger and longer each year; black shanks, rose combs                      light green, blue, sometimes pinkish brown eggs     excellent rate of lay

Araucanas originating in Chili, S.A, and the U.S.  have been bred with a pygostyle (tail head), and muffs and beards have replaced the ear tuffs to produce Ameraucanas.  They lay green, blue, pink and light brown eggs and are known as the "Easter Egg Chicken".  A very reliable steady layer, and exceptionally long lived.  Truly a family favorite.

Golden Laced Wyandottes   Golden feathers trimmed with black   Medium brown eggs  close fitting rose combs

these hens stand out with their lovely feathers and the black trims have an iridescent sheen in the sunshine of healthy birds

Rhode Island Whites    White Feathers         hen weight 5.5.                          Large brown eggs            Great rate of lay

Jersey Black Giants         Black feathers           hen weight 6.5        Large brown eggs                good rate of lay 

Speckled Sussex      Dark reddish brown, each feather tipped with a white spangle  Medium brown eggs   good rate of lay

these calm, unique hens are a great dual purpose breed

Partridge Rocks     Reddish plummage with black and brown penciling     Large brown eggs      Good rate of lay